Pressure Washing Services

At Puget Sound Painting we pride ourselves on a heightened attention to detail on every single job. Our exterior painting service involves a very thorough preparation. This process includes pressure washing the surface which will be painted. Our pressure washing services can be performed on wood, concrete, asphalt, metal, bricks and more. Exterior painting is a complex procedure and our certified painting professionals at Puget Sound Painting have been trained to use the necessary pressure washing services equipment safely and effectively, giving you total peace of mind that the job will be done right.

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Bellingham Pressure Washing Services

When you call us for your painting project you can be assured that our pressure washing services will supplement the project as a whole and get it done right.

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Do Great Preparation

Like most things, a great foundation yields better results. Every great paint job involves prepping the house properly before things like primer and paint are applied. Everything we do while scraping, sanding, caulking and sealing is using the right techniques, in the right order with the best products to make sure your paint job will last for a very long time.

Properly Paint & Protect Your Home

So what will properly protect your home for years to come? The combination of priming and finishing paints with the correct number of coats. Sometimes you might be looking for a scrubbable paint for high traffic areas, or low odor/low-VOC eco-friendly paints. No matter what the project calls for our skilled painters will apply only the best and top quality products available for your home’s specific painting project needs.

Provide Help Choosing Colors

Your vision for a newly painted home is our vision, and we are prepared with 30 years of experience in helping home owners choose the perfect color palette for their house repainting project that you will be excited to show off to family, friends, and neighbors. Whether you’re just freshening areas with a perfect match of the existing color or adding your own sense of style we will help you land on the perfect color option.

Perform Quality Repairs

We will never paint over problems. Our prep processes will uncover any damage and we are experts in drywall and plaster repair.

Communicate Clearly

We will never keep you guessing, or in the dark. We are happy to keep you updated on what we have done, how the project is progressing and what the next steps are via your preferred communication method – in person, on the phone, or through email or text.

Deliver What Was Promised

When the time comes to pay the bill, no one likes to find it’s more than what was originally quoted. That’s why we start with a proposal and stick to it. If unforeseen circumstances require us to the change the scope of work we will discuss the changes with you and make sure we come to an agreement before additional work is performed.


I’m Tom Stone, owner of Puget Sound Painting. I have been a painting contractor in Bellingham & Whatcom County, Washington, for more than 25 years.

My services include residential house painting and commercial painting for homeowners, construction companies and general contractors.

Puget Sound Painting always offers high quality work at a good price. I come when I say I will, and when I am done, you will be completely satisfied. Call me for a free bid, and I’ll come out and discuss your project with you.


Tom Stone

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